Rosh Pina (Israel) on 4 December 1996, the municipality of Belmonte, moated with the municipality of Rosh Pina of the State of Israel, taking into account the existence in Belmonte of an important Jewish community, from about 700 years ago.

Belmonte da Baía (Brazil) on April 26, 1999, the municipality of Belmonte geminated with the Brazilian municipality Belmonte da Baía, located on the Discovery coast, where in 1500 the Armada of Pedro Álvares Cabral was docked.

SANTA CRUZ Cabrália (Brazil) In view of the importance it represents to the municipality of Belmonte, relations with Brazil, to the extent that Pedro Álvares Cabral was born here, which in 1500 would give “New worlds to the world”, with the discovery of Brazil, was Celebrated a twinning with the Brazilian municipality of Santa Cruz Cabrália, in the Discovery Coast, Cabrália Bay, where 500 years ago Pedro Álvares Cabral landed with his armada and where he had to celebrate the 1st Mass, on 26 April 1500 this twinning took place in 10 of J Une of 1999.

São Vicente (Brazil) on September 3, 2000, the municipality of Belmonte geminated with the Brazilian municipality of São Vicente, located in the state of São Paulo. This twinning that took place on the initiative of that Brazilian city, which being the first city in Brazil to be formed, wanted with this twinning pay tribute to the great figure belmontense who is Pedro álvares Cabral.

Porto Seguro (Brazil) Porto Seguro is a municipality located in the extreme south of Bahia, with an area of 2,408.37 square kilometers and a population of 141,000 inhabitants. of important historical, cultural and touristic importance, Porto Seguro is the site of the arrival of the Portuguese in the year 1500, when Brazil was discovered. The municipality was founded in 1534 and its centre was considered a historical heritage.

La Meziére (France) on 10 April 1988, the municipality of Belmonte made its first twinning with the French municipality of La Méziére, located in the north of France, in Brittany.

Olimpia (Brazil) The twinning was approved in a chamber session of the last day of March 20, 2014 and in the Municipal Assembly of March 27th-will be formalized on 26 April, in the commemorative session of the day of the Council, with the presence of the mayor of Olímpia to Belmonte-Eugênio José Zuliani.

Ouro Preto (Brazil) Belmonte geminated with Ouro Preto on April 26, 2015. Ouro Preto is a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. The twinning was signed by the mayor of Belmonte, Dr. António Dias Rocha and the Vice-mayor of Ouro Preto, Francisco Rocha Gonçalves, in the solemn session held in the city Hall of Belmonte evocative of the Municipal holiday. The Brazilian mayor was accompanied in this journey by the Councilors Wander Albuquerque and Carlos Eduardo Silva.

Espargos-Ilha do Sal (Cape Verde) twinning is based on the cultural and historical interest of deepening the link between Espargos-Sal Island, in Cape Verde, and Belmonte. Because they have very different cultures and they can enrich their share. Twinning is based on the recognition of municipalities within the historical context of Portugal, as well as the political interest to broaden and diversify the institutional relations of both municipalities, contributing to an extended link between the African and European spirit, and the approximation of the two peoples.

São José do Belmonte (Pernambuco, Brazil) was signed on April 26, 2013, the twinning between the municipalities of Belmonte and São José do Belmonte of PERNAMBUCO, Brazil. The goal of twinning is to promote in all areas exchanges, among its inhabitants, to develop, through an understanding of the living sentiments of fraternity.